The Best Foods site

To the Editor:

In his recent column, Mayor Davis states “it is great that PSIP has presented solid ideas for the Avenue A facility,” referring to the old Best Foods site. I attended and spoke at the Planning Board meeting at which PSIP presented its “expert” testimony regarding its site plan. Here is what the “experts” could not answer that night.
1) The actual name of the mysterious “owner”
2) The tenant for the site
3) The number of tenants for the site
4) The nature of such tenants business
5) The hours of operation
6) Whether the warehouses would need to be refrigerated and the issues attached to such an endeavor
7) The number of trucks per day that would access the site. Even the city planner said their estimates were based on “nothing.”
8) The number of jobs to be produced there. Their estimates are again based on nothing since no one knows the tenants or the business in which they would be engaged.
9) Whether the business there poses a homeland security question
10) Whether the business there poses an environmental concern for the immediate neighborhood
This great idea devalues the existing neighborhood as well as the new Texaco project. I hope to say more about Bergen Point development in these pages in the near future. But for now, the Planning Board has put on a blindfold and swung a stick at something they were told was a piñata. Actually they have hit a hornet’s nest filled with painful, dangerous, stinging problems for the immediate vicinity in the short run, and for the city as a whole in the long run.