How will DeFusco pay for all of these ideas?

Dear Editor:

It keeps things fresh and exciting, especially in the arena of local politics where repairing potholes can often times be the highlight of an infrastructure plan. The Hoboken Mayoral Race is heating up and candidates are slowly revealing their goals for the city, but when it comes to Councilman Michael DeFusco, he seems to have ideas flowing from all sides of his Campaign. Whether it is Hoboken Terminal Market, an urban beach, putting a dome on the soccer field, or building an entire new high school complex, Council DeFusco has pulled out all the stops to show Hoboken what he thinks is the potential for our city. Fancy renderings with impeccable detail show in DeFusco’s mind what Hoboken can be, but if you scroll through his website, there is no mention how we will fund any or all of these “ideas.”
He mentions re-allocating funds, transparent negotiations, and not raising taxes; which in my mind all sound great. But unlike his fancy renderings, these plans don’t actually provide any details of how much it will cost and what amount will be thrust on the backs of the Hoboken Taxpayer. Creative ideas are great, concrete plans are better. Let’s take Councilman DeFusco’s idea of building a new high school complex above 14th Street. Investing in education should be a priority for any Mayoral candidate, but after reading through Councilman DeFusco’s website, I found no evidence of any plan on how to do it: no proposed budgets or fundraising campaigns, no mention of community participation in development, and no discussion on the impact of a major construction project on our city’s quality of life. Additionally, Councilman DeFusco has yet to endorse or support a slate for the upcoming Hoboken Board of Education, one of the primary mechanisms for supporting better education for our students.
Before we can ever invest in the educational infrastructure, it is important that we get the right leadership in place at the Board of Education. I have reached out to Councilman DeFusco’s campaign several times in hopes of getting some answers to the questions I have concerning his ideas. But all of my requests have been ignored. I have even tried reaching out him via Twitter and Facebook, both are vehicles of communication that Councilman DeFusco has used to showcase his ideas. So, I again ask: Councilman DeFusco, after reading through your “Education” section on your website, I was curious if you were planning on endorsing or supporting a slate for the upcoming BOE Elections? It seems your plan is to build a new high school complex, but before we do that, shouldn’t you be investing in the right leadership? In addition, what is your plan for paying for the new high school complex, the Hoboken Terminal Market, the Floating Pool, and a removable Soccer Dome? New and innovative ideas for our city are great and they will fuel the engine that will propel Hoboken forward, but ideas without detail on how to turn them into reality are just fantasies.
Give the residents of Hoboken a full picture of what your plan is, not just the picture that is easiest to see.

Jason Freeman