Will Hoboken become a sanctuary city, or a ‘welcoming city’?

Will Hoboken become a sanctuary city, or a ‘welcoming city’?

HOBOKEN — One of the city’s six mayoral candidates said in a debate at the Hoboken Reporter office last week that he may “codify” rules to help protect immigrants in town. But what exactly did that mean?
Mayoral candidate and current at-large Councilman Ravi Bhalla clarified last week when the Reporter followed up.
He said that if elected, he will work to designate Hoboken a “welcoming community,” or “welcoming city” — new terms that are similar in some ways to a “sanctuary city” but offer fewer wide-ranging protections than the latter.
A “welcoming city,” unlike a “sanctuary city,” will continue to cooperate with federal immigration officers who are investigating someone, whatever the nature of the probe. A “sanctuary city” is a city that will not help unless immigration officers are looking for someone in connection with a major offense. Jersey City has been designated a “sanctuary city” this year.
“Welcoming city” resolutions and ordinances proclaim that a city will not ask anyone for their immigration status or keep records on their immigrants status, and will serve everyone equally regardless of immigration status.
For more information, look at this weekend’s cover story on the mayoral debate in the Hoboken Reporter, and read it online starting Sunday at hudsonreporter.com. The full debate will appear on the website starting early next week,hudsonreporter.com.

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