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21 years young

Weehawken Township held its 21st Weehawken Day on Oct. 7 at Waterfront Park. The event is designed to educate old and new residents about the township and its activities. The event originally launched in 1991 and ran until 2010, when the economic recession forced the township to halt the celebration. They relaunched it in 2016.
This year, it featured hayrides, inflatable slides, adult bingo, and archery. For the older kids, a mobile video game truck was positioned near the park’s field.
The town gave out free food such as hamburgers (veggie burgers included) and soda. Food trucks featuring zeppoles, waffles, and ice cream sold their wares.
The Weehawken High School Marching Band also came out to perform the National Anthem and other selections.
The Weehawken Volunteer First Aid Squad also unveiled a new ambulance, replacing an older one. The squad paid for the $140,000 vehicle through donations, squad fundraisers, and the township. Two third of the cost came from the donations and fundraisers.
Local organizations such as American Legion Post 18 and the Weehawken Education Association also set up shop at the event, hoping to educate residents about what their organizations offer.
“Weehawken Day was a fantastic event,” said Mayor Richard Turner. “More people than ever came from all over town, people met people from all over town.”
Turner said the “purpose is not only to have fun, but also for people to meet each other and it wa really successful in that regard.” He estimated that the day drew around 6,000 attendees.
The event was open only to Weehawken residents.

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