A special thank you to Midland Park, NJ Girl Scout Troop 468 for their incredible donation of sports equipment to the Division of Recreation Special Needs Sports Program. Anna Amos and Carlie Mesmer, pictured with Supervisor of Recreation Pete Amadeo, completed their 40 hour project and received the silver award, the second highest award in Girl Scouts. Anna and Carlie collected donated Sports Equipment from Midland Park and Wood Cliff Lake. Equipment includes soccer balls, basketballs, tennis racquets, golf clubs, baseball bats, baseball helmets, three batting tees, ice skates, bike helmets, baseball/softball cleats, basketball sneakers, softballs, baseballs, tennis balls, frisbees and so much more! “We are extremely grateful to Anna and Carlie and the Midland Park girl scouts for their generous donation to our special needs sports program. It is an amazing feeling knowing that so many people support our athletes. They will benefit greatly from all the equipment and will continue to make incredible memories,” stated Amadeo.

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