Let’s keep the consistency

To the Editor:

My name is Melissa Godesky. My son, who has different abilities, is a student here in the Bayonne School System. He is in general education with additional pullout and therapy. I was born and raised in Bayonne and have no plans on leaving anytime soon. I am writing this letter to recognize and acknowledge all of the progress, hard work, and most important, consistency Bayonne Board of Education Trustee Christopher Munoz has demonstrated over the past two years since being elected.
He has made commitments of transparency, honesty, and progress all of which he has kept. He has stood up for our teachers, other faculty members, and most important our students. He is a father who has children in our school system; he is a resident, and a taxpayer. He feels the same impact when decisions are made as we all do. He goes against the grain, when others seem hesitant to.
I think it’s refreshing to have someone who does what is right for all, not just right for one. I feel that it is important to highlight that he has stood up against teacher layoffs, tax increases, and unreasonable spending within the BBOED school budget. He has been working hard on stream-lining communication to parents along with improving other processes through the utilization of technology. We all know that things take time, and that Rome wasn’t built in a day. It takes more than just one person to effect change, influence new ways of thinking and doing things. It takes a team. Munoz has shown that he is willing to work with anyone who has the same goals, ambitions, and passion as he does for our schools, teachers, parents, and students. He is out and about, has attended numerous events regarding schools and has always been a huge supporter. I think we need to show that same support and passion to him, as well as the other trustees who have been part of the progress or will be part of the progress. I can say that Christopher Munoz will continue to make progress and positive change. Let’s keep the consistency. Let’s work together toward progress.