Re-elect Mike Lawandy on November 7

To the Editor:

I, Ava Finnerty, am writing this letter as a private citizen, and my opinions do not reflect those of the Board of Education but rather those of a retired teacher and taxpayer. I would like to give my wholehearted endorsement of Mike Lawandy to be re-elected for a second term to serve as Trustee for the Bayonne Board of Education. I have had the opportunity to work very closely with Mike for the last two years. These past two years have been very demanding for every board member, but most especially for Mike. Mike serves on two of the most demanding committees – finance and negotiations. Mike Lawandy has a knowledge of finance that supersedes anyone I know. As a trustee Mike uses his extensive knowledge in financial matters to question many fiscal issues that arise during meetings. He is a most valued member of the Finance Committee and his insight is invaluable. For example, in under a minute Mike could calculate in his head how a five-percent increase in taxes would not only impact the board’s budget but also how it would impact the taxpayer in Bayonne.
In negotiations, he is “the voice of financial reason” for this Board of Education. By law, no member of the negotiations team may discuss any issues related to negotiating. However, because Mike is there, I know emphatically he will do his best not only for the students and the teachers, but also for the taxpayers of Bayonne. I assure you that we are in very good hands having Mike Lawandy as a trustee involved in such serious fiscal matters that this board currently faces.
In addition to being a member of the Finance Committee and Negotiations team, Mike is also very busy being a member of the Buildings and Grounds Committee as well as the Superintendent’s Evaluation committee. Mike has shown concretely by his dedication and involvement that he has the intelligence and dedication to continue to be a responsible and dedicated Trustee for this Board of Education. Mike is also the longest-standing member of this newly elected board. His prior experience is invaluable.
Mike has no conflicts of interest. Mike has no hidden agenda. Mike stands up for the taxpayer. Mike is a product of the Bayonne school system and knows how valuable a great education is. He is a graduate of Bayonne High School as well as NJIT. Mike has degrees both in architecture and project management. Mike is also a Bayonne taxpayer and homeowner. His motto is “Building the Future Together.” Therefore, we absolutely need Mike Lawandy back on this board to ensure the future of the Bayonne school system. Please vote for Mike Lawandy on November 7.