Bhalla’s ‘Resistance’ campaign plank/Mini-Me De Blasio virtue signaling has no place

Dear Editor:

This year’s mayoral election marks the first interjection of national political themes (memes?) into Hoboken’s traditionally non-partisan elections with Bhalla’s pledge to “Stand up to President Trump”. Is a mayor who habitually engages in cheap progressive virtue signaling and punditry on national issues via email and Twitter in the best interest of Hoboken? What purpose other than using Hoboken as stepping stone to further his ambitions of progressive glory can these antics possibly serve? What’s on offer here? A mayor who is a Mini-Me De Blasio jetting off at taxpayer expense to ex-Hoboken events such as national party conventions and joining De Blasio and Antifa in rioting at the next G7 meeting (see Hamburg 2017)? I don’t want my taxes to pay for airfare for Guy Fawkes masked shenanigans.
Are lawyers and elected officials supposed to endorse defiance of our lawfully elected POTUS and use our city government and tax dollars to do so? Exactly how and why should Hoboken oppose the POTUS? Is this a good thing for Hoboken? As Hoboken approaches the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Sandy during one of the worst hurricane seasons in decades, electing a mayor who is openly antipathetic to the man who controls FEMA and federal relief spending for at the least the next three hurricane seasons seems especially unwise.
If we are now embroiling our local elections in national issues and controversies, let’s go Bhalla deep on the topic. How does Bhalla feel about the current fad of expunging history and relics distasteful to militant progressives? Will he move to rename Washington, Jefferson and Jackson streets? Will he establish the equivalent of the French Revolution’s Committee of Public Safety that is De Blasio’s “Mayoral Advisory Commission on City Art, Monuments and Markers” to expunge statuary and citizenry deemed politically incorrect? Is Hoboken’s Columbus Park with its statue of Columbus at risk so Bhalla can earn street cred in today’s radicalized Democratic Party? Bhalla needs to address the fact that the so-called “progressives” he seeks to curry favor with are one of the most intolerant forces abroad in America and the world today. This is especially true at two of Bhalla’s alma maters.
Berkeley, the birthplace of the free speech movement in the 1960’s, is now held hostage by rioting Antifa and suppresses free speech. The London School of Economics has been so thoroughly hijacked by the anti-Israel/anti-Semitic Boycott-Divest-Sanction (“BDS”) movement that it is now known as the London School of Extremism. What are Bhalla’s opinions on Antifa and BDS? Hoboken has no need for a mayor who will engage in ceaseless and odious virtue signaling to advance his post-mayoral ambitions. The city needs someone who will do something about ever rising county taxes and flood insurance premiums and clean up the awful mess that has been made of our streets and sidewalks with ill-conceived “improvements”.

Daniel Cillie