Hoboken Board of Education future

Dear Editor:

Hoboken voters will soon have the opportunity to vote for three candidates to serve on the Board of Education. We respectfully ask you to Vote134 on election day.
If you are exhausted, as we are, with the typical banter about “old Hoboken vs. new Hoboken” and “my school vs. your school” then join us on our mission to reduce uncertainty in our schools, increase collaboration between Hoboken’s schools, and ensure sound budgeting and spending practices. We can’t accomplish these goals without your vote.
We represent a cross section of the Hoboken Community, with backgrounds and experiences that equip us to successfully drive Hoboken’s schools into a stronger, more secure future. Anne Marie Schreiber (1J) is the Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees at Elysian Charter School where her children attend; Peter Biancamano (3J) attended Hoboken’s schools and is the youngest elected Board of Ed member running to serve again; Lauren Eagle (4J) is a parent with children in district schools and co-founded and heads the Parent Volunteer Group at the Mile Square St. Francis site. These are just a few examples of our demonstrated leadership in Hoboken.
We pledge to you that we will (1) reduce uncertainty in Hoboken’s schools—especially the school placement process. We want people to come to Hoboken BECAUSE of our schools, not in spite of them; (2) increase collaboration between Hoboken’s schools and with the nation’s top colleges and universities. We want to bring in best practices to benefit our students; and (3) ensure thoughtful budgeting and transparent spending of your tax dollars. Did you know that the Board of Ed controls about 1/3 of your property tax bill? Each of us has strong financial management experiences, including at the corporate level and within Hoboken’s schools. We are ready to hit the ground running to make positive changes for our schools.
Whether you are a parent or not, who you elect to the Board of Education matters. We are proud that we are independent of any mayoral candidates. We look forward to working with our future administration.

Thank you in advance for your vote. We look forward to serving you.

Anne Marie (1J), Peter (3J) and Lauren (4J)