Hoboken crucial elections

Dear Editor:

There’s has not been a more crucial election in the 28 years I’ve been a resident of Hoboken, not a single vote that would have more impact on what our city is to become, than this one. We are now given the choice of making a home for ourselves that is livable or one that is over-crowded, over-developed, over-taxed and under assault from the conflicts, corruption and self-enrichment that has plagued City Hall here for decades. In that choice we focus on the office of mayor. But we will elect others on November 7, and those who will get our vote for Council at Large are just as crucial to our future.
I have known Jim Aibel, part of Team Giattino, for 18 of the 28 years I have been here, and I cannot say this strongly enough: if you care about this city, if you care about your pocketbook, if you want a representative who is honest and considered, and who will take pains to understand every nuance of every issue that comes before the council to make the best decision for all of us, you will vote for Jim Aibel. This is not opinion but a statement of fact. Jim has performed this way on the Zoning Board for eight years, the last five as its chairman. He has stood up to the most absurd demands from the most extreme developers when they offer nothing to the community in return.
He, as much as anyone, has led the struggle to keep our town the gem it is today. Petro Jim has been a lawyer in private practice, also, and is now trusted with bringing stakeholders together in complicated projects at one of the world’s largest financial services firms. In both positions, over nearly four decades, he has had to meet the highest operational, interpersonal and ethical standards. There is no one running for a council seat who can claim these credentials—or integrity. He is simply the most qualified candidate on the ballot. Please, on November 7 in the voting booth look for the column for Council at Large. Find the bracket for Team Giattino. See Jim Aibel’s name there and the button next to it. Push that button. When you turn to step through the curtain to get on with your day, you will have done the right thing. You will flush with the feeling of knowing you have done all you can to elect a man who will do all he can do to keep Hoboken the home we love.

Scott Omelianuk