Valente for City Council

Dear Editor:

By now, we hope you have heard our dad, Angelo Valente, is running for one of the three open seats on the Hoboken City Council.
He is committed to the future of Hoboken, so the quality of life in the city stays great for our generation of Hobokenites; and, for residents like our Mimi who have lived in Hoboken for generations.
Celebrating Hoboken’s quality of life is especially true next week as we all march down the Avenue in the Ragamuffin Parade. The parade was canceled back in the early 1970s and over 30 years ago in 1985 our Dad led the citywide effort to bring back this great tradition back to our city. Our Dad was also was chosen to co-chair Hoboken’s 150th Anniversary a few years ago. He will always look for ways to celebrate Hoboken as the best city to live in with the greatest people.
Tell your family to vote on Nov. 7: Angelo Valente for Hoboken 3-I, for an Independent voice on the City Council and a commitment to a great quality of life for all Hoboken residents.

Hannah, Mia and Marietta Valente