Better Life Basketball league results

The competition in this league has stepped up. If you truly want to watch a good local basketball game, this is the place to be. All three of these games went down to the last minute of the game.

The Lakers defeated the Bucks, 64-61. Kevin Walker with 37 points needed his last 3 points for the Lakers to win. A last second shot behind the arc to got them their first win of the season. The Bucks were missing a few players had to adjust their game .T. Sowell, averaging 16 points in the last two games, only had 6 in this one. They have talent in this team but it wasn’t enough.

The Cavs beat the Raptors, 66-62. This was the game of the night as two undefeated teams vied for the top spot. The Raptors, missing R. Jaworski, had to overcome a 15-point lead with Justine Conroy’s timely baskets and Tyron Hicklem’s defense. But the Cavs’ signature ball movement has been the difference. It was another stellar display of team ball and a great game for both teams.

The Spurs won against the Sixers, 60-57. The Spurs won, needing every point to beat the Sixers, who were missing key players. Gary Williams led the Sixers with 23 points, while JJ Hladik led the Spurs with 20 points. Both teams are still adjusting to their new teammates.