Improving efficiencies in our school system

To the Editor:

I would like to thank you for Rory Pasquariello’s excellent article introducing all of the candidates running for the three open positions at the BBOED for the November 7 election. I found it interesting that only three candidates – none of which are incumbents – talk about efficiencies: John Cupo talked about making Educational Operations more efficient, Michael Alonso talked about making Operation in the BBOED more efficient and Anthony D’Amico talked about making Facility Maintenance more efficient. Considering that 42 percent of our real estate tax is school tax we should focus on improving efficiencies in our school system to avoid further overspending and tax increases. We, the voters, will be responsible, if taxes increase in the future. I hope we will make the right choices on November 7. Let us all have the courage for a new start in the BBOED. We need to learn again to embrace change and not be afraid of it. Not that all change leads to progress, but without change there cannot be any progress.