Sharma Montgomery for School Board

To the Editor:

As we move closer to Election Day, the voters of Bayonne have big decisions to make that will affect every taxpayer, parent and student in town. The School Board has some very difficult issues to deal with over the next couple of years. The Superintendent and Trustees are still making adjustments to deal with budget issues, we have to hire a new Superintendent to lead our schools within the next year and a half, a new teacher contract will be coming up for negotiation, and we need to address aging facilities across the district. All of these reasons and more are why I am running for the School Board. I believe that the Bayonne School District is full of dedicated teachers and administrators who want to provide the very best public education they can to our students. In order to do that, they need a Board of Trustees that will professionally and passionately address all of these issues as quickly as possible.
Resolving these issues will remove the distractions from the staff and allow them to focus on what is most important – our kids. I am committed to addressing these issues because I believe that once we do, we can move on to ensuring that our kids get the best of what the Bayonne School District staff can offer them. I have met with and spoken to many people in town during this election season and one thing seems to resonate, everyone is ready to move forward after a very trying spring/summer and get this district moving in the right direction.
Property taxes are a fact of life, especially in NJ where we have some of the highest in the country. We all know we have to pay them, but I believe writing that check would be easier to swallow if we knew we were getting a good return on our investment. We have the foundation for an award winning school district: dedicated teachers, committed administrators and fantastic kids.
It’s time for the Board to rise up and build a strategic plan for the district, implement a hiring process for the superintendent that includes a nationwide search and to work with other groups in town to ensure that we get more than just a 5-percent bone from the developers that are getting three decades of tax relief in our town. I am committed to being a voice for the average Bayonne taxpayer who just wants their voice to be heard on these issues. Select 6J on your ballot on November 7, and assume your seat at the table.

6J Candidate for BOE