Einstein for council

Dear Editor:
I write to set forth my support for Joshua Einstein for Hoboken City Council, and to explain why I will vote for him on Election Day. I am voting for Einstein because he is a man who keeps a constant ear to the pulse of this city, who has articulately addressed and explored the issues troubling our community and has proposed practical solutions to common sense problems.
I know Joshua to be a kind, compassionate community advocate who is untainted by the corrupting influences of bureaucratic municipal government, and whose character is unmarred by the ulterior motive and untethered political ambition which have influenced the candidacy of many of his competitors. Watching Einstein campaign – from hundreds of hours of door knocking, where he has patiently listened to the hearts and minds of Hoboken residents from all walks of life – to debating, to volunteering at local events, reinforces my heartfelt belief that he is a devoted community advocate who sincerely cares about creating the brightest and best future for our city.
Joshua’s mastery of the issues facing Hoboken, from keeping the streets clean, to keeping taxes low, to ending over-bonding, to stabilizing the housing and rental market, to fixing Washington Street, all further contribute to my confidence in his capacity as an advocate to further the best interests of Hoboken residents. Finally, I also appreciate Einstein’s status as an independent and his decision to keep his campaign separate from any slate or mayoral candidate, because I know he is remaining neutral and free from partisan control.
For these reasons, Joshua Einstein has earned my vote on Election Day, and I hope that many more residents of Hoboken will join me in supporting him.


Alexander Schachtel