Pascarello endorses Constantino

Dear Editor:

When then councilman and mayoral candidate Mike Gonnelli asked my friend Rob Costantino to run for council on his ticket in 2009, I thought his choice was perfect. Knowing Rob the way I did, I expected him to enjoy this opportunity to serve his community. I was wrong. He didn’t enjoy it; he loved it! He knew he wanted to make a difference for people and in this position, with this mayor and council, he could. He was ready to commit the time and energy it would take to clean up what was wrong, to enhance the good we already enjoyed and to find opportunities to move us on to bigger and better things. He did this all while keeping our small town roots in tact.
I have been president of Secaucus Little League, since 2010, and without Mayor Gonnelli and Rob Costantino helping our league when it was needed, we wouldn’t be as successful as we are today. Mainly, they have worked tirelessly to provide our kids the finest facilities in the state to play on. We are the envy of every town that comes to play here. I personally played Little League here in the 1980s and as beautiful as our fields were then, today’s kids are blessed to be playing baseball in Secaucus in 2017.
Rob is a generous donor, terrific father and a loyal friend. He is a great sport every year at our Opening Day ceremony where I take a few digs (ok, maybe more than a few) at him and an even bigger sport as he spends a couple of hours in our dunk tank every year at the Street Fair to help raise money for our league. Keeping all of that in mind, for the past eight years, my friend has been a wonderful councilman and in 2017, deserves your vote. Thank you.


Guy Pascarello, President
Secaucus Little League