Vote Column J 5-6-7 for the Board of Education!

Dear Editor:

My name is Linda Kwok and I urge our community to vote for Melanie Tekirian, Sharyn Angley, and Chetali Khanna (5-6-7 in Column J) for the Hoboken Board of Education. These women have been at the forefront of improving the Hoboken Public School district. More families are staying in Hoboken because they see the public schools as a viable option for their children.
A big reason that our family is part of the Hoboken Public School district is because of Sharyn Angley. I first got to know Sharyn five years ago because she was the class parent in my daughter’s Pre-K3 class. She was an amazing class parent! Sharyn never hesitated to share her knowledge about the district with others. She became my go-to person for information about school programs available for elementary school children and beyond. Because of her, I found out about the Gifted and Talented Program, which my daughter started in 2nd grade. I also found out about the Johns Hopkins program, which provides further challenge and enrichment opportunities for students, which my daughter began this year as a 3rd grader. Sharyn has served as an exemplary Board Trustee for the last three years. She has been a great advocate for adding new innovative programs to the schools while maintaining a fiscally responsible budget. Sharyn hired Dr. Johnson to serve as our Superintendent and recently voted in support of her 5 year contract extension.
Chetali Khanna has demonstrated her leadership by serving as a PTO officer at the Wallace School for the last three years. Among the myriad of activities that Chetali has organized, I think the most meaningful one is the fundraising that the PTO does for field trips. Instead of asking families to spend money to cover their own children, the PTO raises funds to cover all children so cost is not a barrier for participation. This exemplifies Chetali’s dedication to meeting the needs of all students. She will bring that same focus on accessibility and equity to the Board of Education as a Trustee.
I got to know Melanie Tekirian through the Hoboken High School theater program. Our daughters participated in last year’s production of Peter Pan. We volunteered for the playbill advertising committee. I was immediately struck by Melanie’s ability to successfully execute a project. She impressed me with the way she was able to parlay her skills from work into organizing parent volunteers. Together we were able to create one of the most successful high school playbills that was supported by local businesses and individuals with their donations.
Melanie Tekirian, Sharyn Angley, and Chetali Khanna are deeply committed to our town and to continually improving our schools. They are motivated to serve because of their own positive experiences with the public schools and out of a desire to give back to the community. They will make Hoboken proud. Please vote 5-6-7 in Column J on November 7th!

Linda Kwok