Serve and Spike


QUESTION: In high school volleyball, during a volley Team (B’s) second hit goes into rafters above own playing area and ball rolls along the beams and finally falls into Team (B’s) side of net. Referee (R1) whistles and signals replay. Correct call?
ANSWER: Incorrect call as the ball should have been allowed to remain in play. If ball remained motionless in rafters, replay would have been called (Rule 2, Sec. 2, Art. 1; Rule 9-8-1, f).
QUESTION: If server on Team (S) accidentally serves ball before referee (R1) signals for serve, is this a replay situation? Is server given a yellow card? Does Team (S) lose rally/ serve and is a point awarded to receiving team (R)?
ANSWER: As this action is judged to be unintentional, a replay would be declared (Rule 9-8-1, c). No penalty is assessed.