Thank you for supporting the Windmill Alliance’s Fall Festival

To the Editor:

I wish to express my sincere thanks to all members of the community for their generosity in supporting the Windmill Alliance’s Fall Festival activities. So many of you enjoyed the basketball throw, the pumpkin painting, the bake sale, and the prize basket raffle and purchased 50/50 raffle tickets. The proceeds from these events help us to continue our work providing for developmentally disadvantaged adults and for families in need throughout Bayonne.
We are especially grateful to the numerous merchants who provided gifts for our prize baskets and to the members of Trinity Parish and the staff of Windmill Alliance who donated their time and talents. Finally, we congratulate our fellow members of the Bergen Point Merchants Association for another successful Fall Festival. This annual event has become a highlight of our year, enabling us to reach out to our friends throughout Bayonne.
To all of the people and organizations and the individual citizens of Bayonne who supported our activities at the Fall Festival, I offer the heartfelt thanks of myself, the Windmill Alliance staff members, and the clients of our social services programs. May you be blessed for the support you provide to us.

President and CEO
The Windmill Alliance