Hall of Heroes – a moving tribute to Bayonne veterans

To the Editor:

Congratulations to Matthew Piscopo for his vision and dedication to the Hall of Heroes Project, which honors the Veterans of Bayonne. It is a beautiful, visual testament to our brave veterans to have their pictures (in uniform) displayed on the walls of city hall for all to admire in perpetuity. We should all be grateful to the veterans of Bayonne for their sacrifice and service, and grateful to Matthew for bringing this wonderful memorial to life.
My family was very happy to submit our father’s Army picture, and very proud to see it displayed in such a dignified memorial. I am sure he would be very proud too!
Everyone should make the time to visit the Hall of Heroes at City Hall and enjoy this well-deserved tribute to the veterans of Bayonne. Kudos and thanks to our honored veterans and to Matthew too – We salute you!