Christopher Munoz thanks your for your support

To the Editor:

I am writing to express my gratitude to the City of Bayonne for re-electing me to serve as a Bayonne Board of Education Trustee. I am grateful for your support, and I am honored to serve this wonderful community. Most important, thank you for your participation — and patience — as all of this year’s candidates made our cases to earn your votes. We appreciate voters taking the time to listen, share their opinions and suggestions, and make informed choices. Agree or disagree, this back-and-forth keeps us moving forward as a community.
I deeply appreciate your vote of confidence and support.
We had a full discussion of the key challenges, crises and issues facing the our school district and community— and I’m grateful to the people for responding so positively and strongly to the case our campaign built on the foundation of my commitment, experience and record.
It’s a great honor to continue representing the Bayonne community, and a great responsibility. I’m excited about continuing the work we’ve started together. I truly believe that we have a great deal to be optimistic about — and with continued positive thinking and working together, we can and we will secure the opportunities which are on the horizon and that we deserve.