Lyceum Bowling League results


Results of the Mount Carmel Lyceum bowling league from November 22nd are as follows:

Individual high games for the week went to: David Magarban 243; Emil Massa 241; Steve Mallardi Jr. 224; Robert Magarban 215; Jack Nilan 215; Artie Bernard Jr. 211; Harry Ashe 207; Al Gill 203; Ed Lubach Jr. 200; Robert Lesiak 194; John McCollum 191; Frank Giovinazzo 179; Adam Konecko 169; Ed Lubach Sr. 157; Frank Polomski 143.

In team results: Amspec Services took 7 points from Fryczynski’s Funeral Home; Dworzanski’s Funeral Home took 5 points from Supreme Tours; John’s Midtown Tavern took 5 points from I.B.E.W. Local 94.

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