Rain gardens can reduce sewer overflow

To the Editor:

We are members of FIRST Lego League from Peoria, Illinois. This year, we researched issues related to water and discovered that your city has been listed in an EPA report listing critical issues related to Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO). We propose the use of Rain Gardens to reduce CSO in cities like yours. Rain Gardens are little gardens at the end of the water spout or waterway. Most of the water that lands on your roof will collect in the Rain Garden, which will then slow the water down before it can reach the storm drain. Rain Gardens consist of fertile soil, flowers, plants, and trees. Some of the water that collects in Rain Gardens will be used to irrigate these plants. An alternate solution we are looking into is adding an absorbent layer under the Rain Garden. In conclusion, Rain Gardens are easy to make, approved of by officials, and affective. We hope you adopt this idea into many of your homes.