Talking the talk and walking the walk

To the Editor:

Are children important? Do parents worry about the future? Are teachers supportive in providing Bayonne with an exemplary school system? Do the citizens want the community’s high standards to be maintained? The answer to all is yes!
This brings us to the Bayonne Board of Education meeting held on November 30. The president of the BBOE had earlier made the statement, “it seems more questions than answers have been raised!” my response is:
All the Bayonne Board of Education candidates, to be elected, espoused quality education, a safe environment, and support of teachers. Each issue would be common to North Dakota, South Carolina, or Bayonne. The question naturally arises, how is Bayonne different?
First, The BBOED “misplaced” some $6,000,000 leading to a tax increase. Second, The BBOED decided to “RIF” a number of well qualified professionals disrupting their lives. Third, the BBOED actions raise concerns about a “thorough and efficient education” in grades K-12.
The hope is that the newly elected trustees will “talk the talk and walk the walk.” In other words they will not merely respond “yes” or “no” to items on the agenda, but rather, take a strong position. Children are the key to the future of Bayonne.
As an aside, BHS has continued to prosper under Dr. Wanko, namely, the ill advised invisible wall of separation is gone, the benefits of diversity are being experienced, and students have achieved praiseworthy recognition from prestigious universities, organizations, programs, etc. The future is bright.
Finally, the teachers (again) lack a contract. Will the BBOED (again) take years to fathom, “You can’t put students first, if teachers are last.”