New parking coming your way

Commissioners adopt, introduce ordinances to acquire property for lots
The town is set to purchase this property at 600 Liberty Ave. for conversion into a municipal parking lot in the near future.
The town is set to purchase this property at 600 Liberty Ave. for conversion into a municipal parking lot in the near future.

North Bergen residents desperately seeking new parking spaces may not have to wait much longer. The Board of Commissioners both introduced and adopted ordinances to acquire land for new municipal parking lots at their Dec. 6 meeting.
Should North Bergen be successful in acquiring all properties they are targeting, the town may be able to create over 100 parking spaces within the next year, Town Administrator Chris Pianese said.
One ordinance that the commissioners adopted will direct the town to purchase property at 600 Liberty Ave. by Secaucus Rd., for $305,000. The town is also looking to purchase property next to the address, which is owned by the state, according to Town Administrator Chris Pianese.
“Combined, that would make a nice parking lot for residents in that area,” Pianese said after the meeting.
After acquiring the state property, the town hopes to start planning for the combined lot in spring or summer of 2018. That lot will provide around 20 parking spots, Pianese estimated.
The commissioners also introduced an ordinance to acquire property at 143 74th St. and 7314 Broadway.
The cost to acquire the 74th Street property, per the ordinance, is $290,000. The Broadway property would cost $79,900, the town says. North Bergen would then work to convert the properties into what it calls “pocket-parking lots.”
“It’s good, because the residents in the area are able to lease the spots,” added Town Spokesman Phil Swibinski. “They have an assigned spot.” Pianese said that the town has waiting lists for people who want parking in the areas of the properties.
The parking lots also help take cars off the street, creating more on-street parking in the areas, officials said.
More parking is also coming for use by the town’s law enforcement. The commissioners introduced an ordinance to acquire private property at 1135 43rd St., located behind NBPD headquarters. The town already owns an adjacent abandoned house on Hillside Place, which they plan to tear down next year and make into a parking lot, combined with space from the 43rd Street property. Only law enforcement would be allowed to use the lot. Pianese estimated that could create around 20 to 25 spaces.

Dell Avenue and traffic improvements

Also at the meeting, officials passed a resolution to submit a grant application to the NJDOT for street improvements on Dell Avenue, such as paving.
The commissioners also introduced an ordinance to place stop signs at a hazardous intersection, 85th Street and Fifth Avenue. It may go to a final vote at the next meeting.

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