‘Pop up’ exhibition starts a new way of seeing art in Hoboken

HOBOKEN – hob’art, the co-operative art gallery, has launched its first group show at 404 Washington St., Hoboken. The show began on Dec. 18 and continues until Dec. 31. A ribbon cutting ceremony will be officiated by Mayor Dawn Zimmer on Saturday, Dec. 23.
Participating artists include France Garrido, Janet Kolstein, Ibou Ndoye, Liz Cohen Ndoye, Jean Paul Picard, Leslie Rubman, Lily Zane, Jim Fallon, and Don Sichler.
The theme, “POP”, gives permission to the artists to express their love of the more exuberant aspects of art, which can be found in the rich, vibrant, and varied colors and textures employed by Ndoye, Zane, Cohen Ndoye, and Garrido.
Human limits seem lightly imposed on the more representational and thought provoking images of Fallon, Picard and Sichler. A surrealist dream-like other worldly quality surrounds the digital art of Kolstein and the mixed media work of Rubman, showing that art can “pop” the limits of reality through media, technique, and format.
The show is a “pop up” exhibition, meaning the building owner has lent his shop to the artists in order to beautify the space for pedestrians and shoppers on the street, and potential tenants of the property, “win — win” concept for both the property owner and the artists.
The hob’art artists hope to be able to fill empty storefronts in other parts of town and hope that this idea will catch on. Gallery information can be obtained on the website www.hob-art.org and via France Garrido at (201) 319-1504 or director@hob-art.org.
The artists of Hoboken wish to thank Charles Lallo, the proprietor of 404 Washington St. for his generosity.