88, passed away January 19, 2018. She was predeceased by her husband, Stanislaw Marszalkowski, her parents, Stanislaw and Barbara, and all her siblings. Her mother and one of her sisters died in a GULAG in Communist Russia after she and they were forcibly deported by Stalin’s NKVD during his wartime alliance with Hitler’s Nazi Germany. Helena survived, and was able to be evacuated from the Soviet Union and was placed in a refugee camp in British India. She met her husband, a soldier of the 2nd Polish Army Corp, who fought in Italy at the Battle of Monte Cassino, in England. They settled in Bayonne after the war where they lived for many years. She is survived by her niece, Roksana, grandniece, India, and friends. Funeral arrangements by DZIKOWSKI, PIERCE & LEVIS Funeral Home, 24 E. 19th St.