This is not the time to say ‘oops’

To the Editor:

On the national level, the discussion revolves around healthcare, tax reform, and immigration. It is very important to realize that every member of the Bayonne community will be affected by each of these issues due to decisions made by the BBOED.
How so? If the BBOED decides to RIF well-qualified educators, then all benefits are lost. If the BBOED creates a fantasy budget, then taxes will rise and worsen under “new” tax policies. If the BBOED is silent on immigration, then DACA children/families will continue to worry.
This is not the time to say “oops,” apologize, point fingers, partisanship, or empty platitudes. The solution resides in the answer to this question: “What will the BBOED do to avoid misplacing $4,700,000 in the future?”
Education is the key to success. It is therefore a priority for children/parents/teachers/citizens. Thus, any delay, including a fair teacher’s contract, will foster a dilemma.

Guidance Counselor
Bayonne High School