Bulletproof desks? Really?

Dear Editor:

What? Bulletproof desks! (Hoboken Reporter, Jan. 21) This must be a premature April Fools joke, I thought, until I read that the City Council has actually allocated thousands of dollars to buy them. Mark Twain remarked that Americans were not safe when Congress was in session, and the same goes for Hoboken and the City Council.
City Hall must be so afraid of homeowners whose property taxes they keep raising (now the highest in the Milky Way) that they must cower under a bulletproof desk when a fed-up homeowner walks up the front steps. Is there something under his overcoat?
Franz Kafka (1883-1924) wrote a story called The Burrow, in which a paranoid little mole, afraid that his underground lair be breached by some unknown beast, keeps shoring up its walls and tunnels, but he knows no peace, never satisfied that his retreat is safe, worrying himself sick, until, finally…

T. Weed