You do not represent me

Dear Editor:

Dear Senator Booker, As an American and resident of New Jersey, I am ashamed to say you represent me in the Senate. Why? I am appalled at the outright inappropriate and violent nature of your attack on Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielson this past week.
You went off the track of the intended purpose of the committee by taking the time to expound on your hatred of President Trump in such a virulent and loud manner directly pointed and aimed at Sec. Nielson. How unfair!
Your violent outburst was clearly seen as an attempt to discredit President Trump, but had absolutely no reason, purpose, or cause to take your hatred of the president out on Sec. Nielson.
Mr. Booker, with this kind of disrespect and violent behavior, I do not feel you represent me – you are a sorry excuse for a “Senator” – you were way out of line and should offer an apology to Sec. Nielson.

Disgusted with your Tactics
John Amato