Choc-o-pain opens uptown Hoboken location

Choc-o-pain, the Hudson County based small bakery chain, has opened a new location in #Hoboken.

HOBOKEN — Uptown Hoboken hasn’t been this excited since Trader Joe’s came to town. As of Tuesday, a small group of eateries that started in Hudson County has opened a new location. Choc-o-pain, which started in downtown Hoboken, has a new base in the Tea Building on 15th Street. It also has a small kids’ room/reading room, just like the downtown location, with a window overlooking the street.
The store opened at 6:30 a.m. Tuesday was bustling on Valentine’s Day, selling coffee, croissants, and cakes. They also have a relatively new location in Jersey City Heights on Palisade Avenue.

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