Jersey City taxpayers

Dear Editor:

A cruel pall has descended upon the taxpayers of downtown Jersey City. This week downtown homeowners are waking up and learning the results of the tax reval. They are learning that for most – taxes will increase maybe 40%, 60%, 100% or in some instances 200%. The tax reval was required under the idea that some taxpayers were overpaying their taxes and others were underpaying their taxes because property values have changed.
Property values in downtown have risen so much, some say, that they are not paying enough in taxes; they are not paying their, “fair share.” In other words its origin was in the idea to pit one neighborhood against another or one taxpayer against another. Well, the tax reval has truly accomplished its goal. The level of acrimony and anxiety in the City has increased tremendously. But let’s make one thing perfectly clear.
The notion that anyone was not being taxed enough before the reval is simply preposterous. We live in one of the highest taxed jurisdictions in the nation. This is not a recent development, but one of long standing obvious reality. The amount of taxes you pay are determined by one thing and one thing only, and that is the amount that the City, County, and School District spend. Your taxes would not be as high, either before or after the reval, if these entities did not spend so much money.
That is the fundamental reality that all taxpayers need to come to grips with to in order to reverse this perverse paradigm of trying to get people to pay, “their fair share.” Is there anything that taxpayers can do? Yes. First and foremost every taxpayer needs to tell every City, County and School Board elected official that they want their respective budgets cut. Tell them that you want workforce and salary reductions, and tell them you want them to eliminate all unnecessary projects and programs. Second, every landlord who has seen their taxes increased should pass the increases onto their tenants while telling that them their rents have had to be increased because the City, County, and School District spend too much money.
Third, every taxpayer whose taxes have gone up should decrease the equivalent amount of money they spend on Jersey City businesses explaining to them that they now have to patronize their businesses less because the City, County and School District spend too much. This will happen quite naturally as when your taxes double, you simply do not have as much to spend on discretionary items. This will activate the business community to convince local officials to reduce spending and taxes.
Finally, every taxpayer should change their voting party registration from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party. We all know that the Democratic Party has held a stranglehold on all elected positions in this area for decades and decades. Nothing will send shivers down the spines of every Jersey City and County Government elected official more than a large switch of voter registration from the Democratic Party to the Republic Party. And when the next round of elections comes around, whether at the State, City or County level, vote for Republican candidates. Republicans will cut government spending and cut your taxes.

Thomas Swartz