Outraged by Rev. Perry’s comments on the reval

Dear Editor:

I experienced the 1988 revaluation and saw my neighbors lose their homes, I realize I would have a similar fate with the 2018 revaluation so I sold my home even though my roots go back many years along with my husband’s family which settled in downtown more than one hundred years ago.
Needless to say, I was outraged by Rev. Alonzo Perry’s comment on the fairness of taxes that appeared in the Jersey City Reporter on Feb.18th. Taxes are services and Rev. Perry has been silent on the $80 million that is lost to Jersey City on tax abated properties. Where are his comments concerning the non-payment of any taxes from the Public Housing Authority or the reduced taxes on rent controlled properties? What I find perplexing is the fact Rev. Perry admonished one group but as a member of Jersey City Together, they asked for affordable housing for Bayfront at New Jersey City University at the mayoral forum. All affordable housing pays a fraction of taxes compared to any small homeowner. This is nothing but a double standard on who pays taxes!
What makes this revaluation hard is the fact Jersey City requires homeowners to come up with all taxes due by the end of the calendar year, if not the homes are placed in lien. Most communities give homeowners three years before they go into lien.
I believe in fairness in taxes too, it is the reason; I speak against all tax abatments whether it is affordable housing or market rate. There should be zero tax abatements given out when it means homeowners, especially those with $20,000 to $40,000 new tax bills must pay the taxes on new development.
It would be nice if Rev. Perry attends a city budget hearing. My first budget hearing was in the 1970s, the budget was $90 million and it took 300 years to get to that number; fast forward 40 years later it is close to $600 million, of which Mayor Fulop spent $100 million more than Mayor Healy. Affordable housing can only happen if there is affordable government. So speak up at the wasteful spending at City Hall, Rev. Perry.

Yvonne Balcer