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Urges mayor and council to settle the runoff issue


Dear Editor:

I appreciate the new administration and council putting some time in to hopefully restore a measure of our democratic process compromised by their prior decision to eliminate runoff elections. Mayor Bhalla’s proposal for the “Instant runoff” certainly has merit but will take time to clear the many hurdles required to implement. Therefore the only true option is to reinstate runoffs, to not acknowledge this is merely perpetuating the currently flawed system.
The mayor justified his veto of runoffs by claiming reduced voter turnout which has not consistently been the case. He also cited extensive vote-buying but (if true) isn’t this a general election issue? What’s keeping him from doing something about that separate from the runoff issue if it’s such a rampant issue?
Cmon, let’s start getting real and fix the problem without the posturing. This isn’t rocket science, does it really need to be so hard for our elected officials to get together and fix this problem?

Hank Forrest

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