North Bergen officials taking extra security measures after ‘threat’ found on high school bathroom wall


NORTH BERGEN — The North Bergen Police Department (NBPD) says it is taking extra security measures after a “threat” was found on a bathroom wall in North Bergen High School last week. The threat reportedly referred to an event to take place on Monday, March 5, according to police.

The department said it was unable to comment on the threat’s content, due to an ongoing investigation. However, “the school is aware of the findings, and we are taking heightened security measures on Monday,” said NBPD Sgt. Victor Queiro on Sunday.

North Bergen High School Principal Paschal Tennaro recorded a voicemail to assuage concerned parents of the threat.

“While we do not feel it is a credible threat, it is important you become aware,” Tennaro said, in the voicemail. “The North Bergen Board of Education and North Bergen Police will take any protective action necessary for the safety of your child.”

Anonymous sources told another media outlet that the threat involved guns. It comes three weeks after a gunman opened fire at a Florida high school, killing 17, and reigniting the nation’s contentious debate on gun control.