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Real leaders lead by taking action

To the Editor:

The past three weeks have been terrifying for parents, educators, citizens and our children. To even imply that this mayor is not dedicated to our community is shameful to say the least. The bashing of our mayor following the school threats was not only disturbing but appalling. This is the difference between Mayor Davis and the candidate. One is a true politician, Mayor Davis is not.
The Sandy Hook School tragedy occurred in 2012. Ask the Ex-Director of Public Safety Jason O’Donnell what he changed in Bayonne. Nothing. I recently sent an OPRA request to determine what changes or directives were changed or issued by the then Director of Public Safety Jason O’Donnell in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014. My requests were returned empty. I found this to be quite alarming if true. Could it be possible?
Jason O’Donnell, the true politician/lobbyist, has shown that again he is big on words but zero action. Look at his track record in the Assembly from 2010-2016, as Public Safety Director and Advisor to Ex-Mayor Smith. What was done for the taxpayers? Zero. Do we want to bring back the bullying culture in City Hall? No. The water deal that has already increased our rates by 29.75 percent since 2012 and will continue for the next 32 years. Is that what $7,500 in donations to your campaign gets us? Do I need to mention how much property taxes were raised from 2009-2014? I think we all know.
Actions will always speak louder than words. Mayor Davis has shown that by working together and leading Bayonne Forward, this administration has achieved more in three years than in the last 15 years. Mayor Davis has put the children and people of Bayonne first. He has brought transparency and an open entrepreneurial culture to City Hall and Bayonne has not seen this much positive action and movement since the 70s.
Mayor Davis, in 2014, inherited a City Hall that was not open for business, the laughing stock of Hudson County and a city dying with housing values dropping while taxes were rising. We, the people, were bullied by egomaniacs who only enriched themselves at the expense of many. These were people from Bayonne and they still robbed us, the taxpayers of a better city, of a cleaner city, of a growing city. No one fought for or cared for the taxpayers back then; don’t pretend that you do all of a sudden now.
We should be thankful that Bayonne has some good, smart, dedicated hardworking people in City Hall. Yes, there are some who live out of town and these people have shown exactly how dedicated they are. They commute back and forth each day to work for our great city, where, in all honesty, we all see the progress in every area of town. Bayonne is moving forward and progress is being made. You can feel the excitement of the rebirth of Bayonne. Sorry, Bayonne is not going back to the Dark Ages. Keep the future bright for Bayonne. The Davis Administration is the only way to go.


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