A new “law”

To the Editor:

Based upon several decades of bad governance in New Jersey, as well as in Bayonne, I feel that we can come up with a new “law,” something which resembles “Murphy’s Law.”
It cannot be denied that the more spending by all levels of government, for whatever purpose, leads to a poorer quality of life, more corruption, and an unhappy citizenry. Even the small percent that benefit from the spending, public employees, leave New Jersey to retire elsewhere. We are now faced with an increase in spending of $1.7 billion by the newly elected Governor Murphy (elected overwhelmingly by New Jersey Democrats). And Mr. Murphy, with no experience in government, and no experience in management, bought the election through early support and courting of county politicians. And it worked.
Accordingly, the law is formulated as follows: spending money will produce neither good government nor a happy citizenry, but spending can buy an election.
Now, such a law would have been nonsensical some decades ago, as there would seem to be little parallelism between the two clauses. But today, 2018, in New Jersey, and in other electoral battlegrounds, this law is applicable.
The more we spend, the unhappier we are, yet we still elect unqualified scoundrels.
Call it “Kowal’s Law” if you like.
(And vote Jason O’Donnell for Mayor on Election Day!)