Mayor Stack is the right choice on May 8

Dear Editor:
Fellow residents, it’s imperative that those who are registered to vote cast their vote for Mayor Stack and the Commissioners of Union City, on May 8. Apathy and complacency and overconfidence must be avoided. Throughout the year, residents of our community have been kept abreast of the hard work and deep commitment of Mayor Stack. His track record of city improvements has continued since he first took office in his first term.
One improvement is in our beautiful parks and the great opportunities afforded to our youth in a wide variety of recreation and sports programs. Commissioner Valdivia and Alicia Morejon have been especially attentive to making Washington Park clean, safe, and lovely. Richie and Tommy ensure that those eligible youth have a chance to play T-ball, baseball, and football. Mayor Stack, without question, is committed to that as well.
I have often seen Commissioner Fernandez show up at games with his wife and son. I will vote for Mayor Stack based on his tireless efforts and the vast improvements that have benefited Union City. I urge other voters to turn out in record numbers and vote to re=elect this exceptional, dedicated team of officials on May 8.


Tony Squire