Negative, negative, and no plan

To the Editor:

Over the last six months, we have all witnessed some true negativity. I mean it has become so negative that it’s stressful to listen to. Who really wants to hear negative attacks over and over with zero solutions? Think about this, four years ago, if Mayor Smith won, where would Bayonne be now? Would the lawsuits that were caused by the Mayor Smith be settled by the Mayor Smith? Would there be any other development besides the medical center on Broadway? The way City Hall was run was terrible, and everyone was scared to even talk about it. No one showed up to council meetings except a handful of Bayonne loyalists. I actually miss seeing and talking to Lenny Kantor monthly.
In 2010, Candidate O’Donnell was Director of Public Safety and already had more than 15 years experience in government. It is still not legally understood how O’Donnell received a fireman’s salary (more than $100,000) including raises, a State Assembly salary ($49,000) and also a salary of $42,600 from Hudson County, where he was chief of staff for former Freeholder Doreen DiDomenico. Please show me the law under which this is legal. Think about it; how does one have the time to do three jobs? What did the Bayonne taxpayers gain from a lifelong fourth generation resident? The long-term Bayonne residents received zero benefits except higher property taxes, higher water rates, and lower property values. These are the facts, and this was the way it was before Mayor Davis took the helm.
We are 30 days from the election. In the last six months, we have seen no plan from a person who has had more than 20 years experience in Bayonne government. Doesn’t anyone find that odd? I find it very odd because I would be hitting on all cylinders at this point. I would have a complex detailed real plan for every aspect of Bayonne.
Listen, at this point, we all can actually see what Mayor Davis has accomplished in three years. Some accomplishments are an elected School Board, City parks being upgraded, monthly cultural events for every nationality, new small businesses, new big businesses, and hotels are even on the way. Real estate values have risen more than 20 percent in three years, a ferry is coming and the structural deficit is being cut, meaning the $24.5 million credit card bill of past administration is being dealt with. Promises made, Promises kept and moving forward.