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To the undecided voter

To the Editor:

Once again election season is upon us, and it’s time to decide who will be mayor of Bayonne for the next four years. Many have made up their minds already, but for those who have not, I ask you to consider the following.
Mayor Davis is running on his record and on his plans for the city. After many years of delays, lawsuits, and failed plans from previous administrations, Mayor Davis has successfully launched long-awaited development at the MOTBY. His administration settled legal issues dating back to 2006, paving the way for even more development.
During Mayor Davis’s time in office, more than $1 billion has been invested in the city of Bayonne, and more investments are coming. You can’t argue with success. The long-awaited upswing that we have all watched happen in Hoboken and Jersey City is finally underway for Bayonne’s eastside.
We now have COSTCO coming to Bayonne, which will provide upward of 2,700 jobs. More jobs will follow with other development slated to take place at Harbor Station South and Harbor Station North. These new residential and commercial projects are what our city needs. They are what was held back for so long for many different reasons, whether legal, economic, or simply poor planning. Now is the time to move forward, while the economy of the nation is booming, and people and companies are looking to invest in Bayonne. If we wait, it will be a lost opportunity once again.
The planned residential developments close to the light rail are necessary in order to bring new people to Bayonne. These new residents will energize the city economically when they patronize our restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops, and other businesses. The influx of new people will also cause new businesses to want to invest further in Bayonne. This is what happened in Hoboken and Jersey City, and that same economic boom can happen here in Bayonne. In addition, there are now plans to start a ferry service between Bayonne and New York City, giving residents another option for commuting.
Mayor Davis and his administration didn’t just give us words, they gave us actions in the form of a plan to build the city up. If a city isn’t developing, it either stagnates or heads downward, as we have witnessed with other cities in New Jersey over the years. Mayor Davis has earned the right to have four more years to see his plan through, to finish the job of building Bayonne into the great city it can be.


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