Four more years for Mayor Davis

To the Editor:

In my letter to the editor last week, I neglected to mention the Lincoln Equities deal, which will include the industrial development of 90 acres of land on the old MOTBY site. On this site, a state of the art industrial warehouse with 1.6 million square feet will be built. This will provide the bulk of the 2,700 new jobs coming to Bayonne.
To quote the president of Lincoln Equities, “As the e-commerce industry and same day-delivery services expand, the demand for industrial warehousing near ports and major metropolitan areas will rise,” says Joel Bergstein, President of LEG. “We see tremendous potential in this underutilized waterfront site and look forward to transforming it into a location that can attract a large company.”
The bottom line is, a lot of new jobs and development are coming to our city. Projects like this should have been started years ago. All the potential that is there today has been there for years, there just weren’t any plans put into action. The people of Bayonne have Mayor Davis and his administration to thank for these new projects which are getting underway. Mayor Davis and his staff have put a plan into action and it is working, it’s not just ideas or plans on someone’s desk. It’s real projects bringing in real jobs, and a flow of people and money into the city of Bayonne. The building of luxury housing near the Light Rail is also going to be a boost for Bayonne’s economy. Once again, this is something that should have happened years ago. The city is finally seeing the start of a future that was promised, but never delivered.
Mayor Davis and his administration have delivered on their promises made four years ago. They have given the people of Bayonne actions, not just words. Plans put into action which are now being seen in the form of long overdue development which will benefit the city with new jobs, new income and a promising future. They have earned 4 more years to continue and complete their plan for Bayonne.