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A vote for Kevin Kuhl

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Kevin Kuhl who is a candidate for the Bayonne, Second Ward, City Council seat. I have known Kevin Kuhl for more than 30 years and can attest to his outstanding character. Although I live in Honolulu, I am a former New Jersey resident with many family members still residing there. I have visited Bayonne on many occasions and have always observed Kevin Kuhl putting the best interest of others before his own.
Kevin has a proven record of supporting his community through various nonprofit organizations. Kevin has been a board member of the Ahern Foundation and Friends of Special Children, as well as offering his services and expertise to other organizations that request his help. Kevin will choose the best interest of other people and act on their behalf. He is a strong supporter of organizations who assist people with special needs and fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.
I know Kevin to be a dedicated father, hard working, self employed business owner and a person who really cares about his city and home of Bayonne. He is also the model of what a friend is.


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