Selfishness is the problem

To the Editor:

Dear Mayor Davis and members of the City Council, I think everyone is tired of the parking debate by now. When I was a kid, many neighbors didn’t even own cars. Now everyone can afford them. I believe I can get you 1500-2000 spots very simply. Every night my car sits comfortably in its garage. My mom told me that that was the car’s house and that is why people built them because they loved their cars. She never mentioned garages were for storing crap (she would never use that word). Our parking problems come from people with too much crap and plain selfishness. If you have a garage and park in the street because you got home before others, you are part of the problem.
I propose the following options:
1. We know who has a garage because we paint a bright white cutout, let our wonderful firefighters inspect that garage because all that crap is a fire hazard stored by furnaces and water heaters. They could issue summonses for court appearances to provide proof they are using the garage for its intended purpose, one car off the street, a car parked in the driveway, two cars off the street. You could park across most carports but not driveway cutouts.
2. When the reval begins, make sure the company checks all garages for compliance while they count bathrooms.
3. Anonymous calls to quality of life for investigation.