Three years of Team Davis have changed Bayonne

To the Editor:

I walk around town and talk to people on a daily basis. I ask them how they are and what bothers them about local politics in general. Most people say the same thing over and over. Everyone makes promises while they are running and then once they get into office, the promises made are forgotten.
Look at the past two administrations before Mayor James Davis and ask yourself this, are we better off today? Is the city better off? How are the financials of the city? Do we have an open and honest government? Is there economic activity happening around town? Are new, sustainable businesses opening up? How is the real estate market? Are property values going up? How about the arts community? How about Broadway? Do we feel better with an elected Board of Education? Were promises kept?
All in all, as a resident of Bayonne, I personally see our town hitting on all cylinders. Look at City Hall, it has moved from a closed atmosphere and one of fear to a welcoming environment to all. Anyone at all can walk in City Hall and actually feel welcomed. This is exactly the vibe one would want a city government to have. We have a very responsive council that consistently provides assistance to all residents as well as the mayor, who has a popular open door policy.
The city has finally started bringing in new yearly recurring revenue and not one shot deals, to actually cut the structural deficit. This fact alone proves that this government alone not only cares about Bayonne now financially, but for future generations. This administration has finally started paying off past governments’ credit card bill.
We see an active and vibrant community responding to monthly cultural events held by not only the city but various sponsors and new businesses around town. We see economic activity all over the city from construction to small businesses to new restaurants. We also see most parks that have been redone including a new special needs park down 16th St.
The average sales price for a property sold in Bayonne has risen approximately 40 percent from 2014 based on the Zillow average property value index. Bayonne finally has a positive buzz and great things are happening all around town. Bayonne property values have not risen this much in the last 10 years. We also see all the missing teeth or empty storefronts being redone and rented all across Broadway. Slow and steady Bayonne is being rebranded, revitalized and rebuilt. Thank you to the administration that has shown progress and not just empty platitudes.