Northeast legal services rocks

Dear Editor:

Located near the Hudson County Court House this legal organization helps countless low income individual, from appellant cases involving Food Stamps, SSI and Unemployment Benefits, to Landlord/Tennant cases.
Recently, my lawyer Kirk Stadnika accompanied me to Landlord/Tenant court and was instrumental in resolving some of the complicated issues at hand. Had I handled matters myself, no doubt the landlord and his lawyer would have taken complete advantage of the situation. The outcome could have been disastrous.
Also want to give a shout to Gregory Diebold, the head of Jersey City Division. Last year he accompanied my neighbor to a property tax appeal. This involved the Hoboken rent and Stabilization Board and his presentation was on point and top notch.
Legal services also help qualified low income individuals with tax return and bankruptcies.
Thanks guys on a job well done!

Eric D. Garrison