Honor our veterans all during the year

To the Editor:

We should honor our veterans all during the year, not just on Memorial Day or Veterans Day.
Our country is so ever grateful to our veterans, past and present who permit our people to live their lives to the fullest and free from harm. Whether we honor a WWI veteran or those serving currently throughout the world we pay homage, respect and admiration for those most gallant men and women. We pray for and honor those who throughout the years have given their lives for the good of our great country.
We recognize the many veterans in the City of Bayonne and throughout Hudson County who have advanced the doctrines and ideals of the red, white, and blue. We also honor our homeland protectors in uniform, the police, fire, and emergency medical service persons who on a day-to- day basis protect us.
On Memorial Day weekend many of us were enjoying our time with our families at barbecues or at the mall. On that day and every day, we should offer devout prayers and reverence for those many veterans past and present who keep us safe. God Bless the United States of America.

Councilmember At Large