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Ferry homeport hearing to be scheduled

HOBOKEN – Hoboken residents can sound off at a public hearing hosted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to discuss NY Waterway’s application for a permit to utilize the former Union Dry Dock site, according to the city administration’s Deputy Chief of Staff Jason Freeman. The date, time, and location have not yet been scheduled.
This comes after the state Department of Environmental Protection granted NY Waterway’s application for a permit to operate a repair, refueling, and maintenance homeport at the former Union Dry Dock site in uptown Hoboken.
The permit will allow NY Waterway to install two barges, replace piles, install ramps, and allow for two movable fuel truck containment systems.
“NYWW has a long way to go before they can start operations in Hoboken,” said Mayor Ravi Bhalla in a letter to the public last week. Bhalla requested the hearing from the Corps of Engineers.
NY Waterway must also receive an individual permit from the Corps of Engineers before they can utilize the site.
The public hearing means residents and officials will have the opportunity to express their opinions in a public forum. Previously they were permitted to do so by letter only.
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