Did you miss these stories over the weekend?

State Senate Pres. Steven Sweeney, who represents a southern New Jersey district, wants to cut state school aid to districts perceived to be overfunded. These include Jersey City, although local school officials claim that according to state projections previously done to evaluate aid, Jersey City is underfunded.

Jersey City receives about $400 million in state aid, which covers two thirds of its annual budget of slightly more than $600 million. Sweeney’s argument is that other districts around the state feel short-changed, and he would like to redistribute the aid.

State school aid is partly the result of a series of state Supreme Court decisions requiring districts to provide an equal education to all students, whether in suburban or impoverished areas. Click here for more.


Your poodle is going to have to be more careful about leaving poo on city property, now that the Hoboken City Council, at its meeting Wednesday, adopted a measure to double dog-do fines to as much as $2,000. In addition, Councilwoman Jen Giattino suggested at the end of the discussion that perhaps someday officials could take DNA from the excrement and institute a citywide system in which dogs, when registered with the city for a license, would provide a DNA sample.

The council members unanimously voted to introduce an ordinance doubling fines from the $100 to $1,000 range to $250 to $2,000. Click here for more.


The North Bergen Parking Authority is planning new parking and traffic regulations on the truck-heavy Dell Avenue, from 40th through 49th streets. The area is home to many businesses that use large vehicles, but residents also want to ensure that they are able to park and drive there as well.

The Authority plans to institute business commercial permits for the street.

Recently, the Authority painted additional yellow “no-parking” zones on the avenue’s curbs, allowing trucks a staging area to access loading zones. Signs will go up on the avenue to inform people of the changes. Click here for more.