Did you miss these stories over the weekend?

In a stunning reversal of political fortune, powerful state Sen. and Union City Mayor Brian Stack lost his bid to become chairman of the Hudson County Democratic Organization – a longtime political organization that helps choose candidates for local and regional office – in a committee vote held at Kearny High School on Wednesday, June 12.

The vote was contentious, as Stack and several other mayors in the county have been hoping to eventually unseat, in 2019, longtime County Executive Tom DeGise, whose job involves overseeing county agencies and facilities.

DeGise’s daughter Amy DeGise, a relatively newcomer to the political scene and a Jersey City school board member, beat Stack by nearly 100 votes – a larger margin than anyone predicted.

DeGise beat Stack by a vote 452 to 360, with members of local Democratic committees in all towns voting, including some who were bused in. Click here for more.


Thirty-five residents attended a hearing on Monday to determine how the city of Hoboken should be developed over the next decade or so, including zoning laws changes and capital improvements. Twelve of those people spoke at the meeting, held at the Multi Service Center on Grand Street, offering suggestions ranging from more one-bedroom units to more public bike racks.

The suggestions will help shape the city’s final Master Plan Reexamination report, on which the Planning Board will vote June 25. Click here for more.


In a local bodega not far from City Hall in Jersey City, a store clerk puts a cup of coffee into a paper bag for the customer to take. The spilled liquid soaks through the bottom of the bag – forcing the clerk to put both bag and coffee into a cheap plastic bag.

Plastic bags of this kind replaced paper bags during the late 1970s and into the 1980s, partly because of scenes like this and partly because environmentalists saw plastic bags as a way to preserve woodlands devastated by harvesting to make paper products. Plastic bags are also more durable than their paper equivalent and for many are easier to transport.

But environmentalists now have different concerns. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency claims that 80 percent of the pollution in the world’s oceans comes from land-based trash and that by the year 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish. Click here for more.