Bayonne Briefs

Bayonne Briefs
Crews tear down what’s left of a building on 36th Street and Broadway that burned down on June 20, killing a woman, who was later identified as 42-year-old Ruvee Yao. Yao owned the building with her mother and ran the Kumon learning center on the ground floor. Her 72-year-old mother made it out of the home thinking her daughter had already escaped the blaze, according to an online report.

Fundraiser to benefit fire victims

The devastating June 20 fire took the life of one member of the Bayonne community, displaced six families, and destroyed Mama Rosas Pizzeria, the Gagliardi family’s primary source of income. Local businesses, including FFP Wealth Management, along with the Bayonne Economic Opportunity Foundation, are putting together the Take Me Home Fundraiser #TeamBayonne, at 16th Street Park on Sunday July 15 at 11a.m. The event will feature a softball tournament, live music, food, drinks, and much more. All proceeds will go directly to the families affected. For more information or to become a sponsor, email teambayonne

Liberty Humane Society to take over Bayonne animal control

After the Bayonne City Council voted to change the city’s animal control contract from NJ Animal Control and Rescue (NJACR) to Liberty Humane Society (LHS) at an April 18 meeting, LHs took the animal control reigns on June 21. NJACR had been contracted by the city since November of 2014.
LHS will take over the responsibility of responding to animal control calls and sheltering those animals at its Jersey City shelter at a cost of $7,075 per month. The city also plans to train four police officers to respond to animal control calls.

School district to get 10 percent of future PILOT revenue

The Bayonne City Council voted to increase the percentage of PILOT revenue allocated to the schools from five percent to 10 percent. PILOTs are payments-in-leu-of-taxes, which allow developers to make fixed payments to the city as a percentage of the revenue it generates from the development instead of paying property taxes. Most of Bayonne’s largest PILOTs will not allocate any money to the school district, however, because the city council did not pass a resolution allocating five percent of its PILOT revenues until 2017, after those PILOT agreements were made.

Bayonne fireworks set for July 1

Following the municipal inauguration ceremonies on July 1 for Mayor James Davis, a celebration will begin on the lower level of DiDomenico-16th Street Park, beginning at 6 p.m. The event will feature fireworks, as well as bouncy houses, food, drinks, and musical entertainment. If you want to catch Snoop Dog, he’ll be performing at Exchange Place in Jersey City on July 4th.

Bayonne school district deemed healthy by NJ Department of Education

The Bayonne Board of Education was monitored by the Quality Single Accountability Continuum (QSAC) and determined by the New Jersey Department of Education to be a “high performing school district.”
QSAC helps determine the health of the school district by factoring in responsibilities such as curriculum documents, pacing guides, academic programs, teacher evaluation, board of education policies, and fiscal management.
QSAC consists of five areas for review: Instruction & Program, Fiscal Management, Personnel, Governance, and Operations. In order to be considered high performing, a school district must achieve at least 80 percent in each review area.
100 percentile ranking was measured in the areas of Fiscal Management, Governance, Operations, and Personnel. New Jersey Department of Education Commissioner, Dr. Lamont Repollett will now certify our school district as providing a “thorough and efficient” education for our students and will remain in the highly performing status for the next three years.

NJ gets its first state reptile: a tiny, elusive turtle

The tiny bog turtle is one of the smallest reptiles in the world and is critically endangered. Now, it’s New Jersey’s first state reptile, reports Gov. Phil Murphy signed legislation on Monday making the bog turtle the official reptile of New Jersey in order to raise awareness about the tiny endangered turtle.
In local turtle news, a Bayonne city employee was charged last week for illegally trading Louisiana box turtles, which are much larger and from a different family than the bog turtle.
Robert Glenn Hennessey, 65, was charged last week with four counts of violating the Lacey Act, which prohibits the sale of wildlife that has been illegally taken, possessed, transported, or sold.
Hennessey has worked with the city’s Department of Public Works since 2016 as a sewer maintenance inspector, according to payroll records.

Bayonne and Jersey Journal back in court over police brutality settlement case

Bayonne and the Jersey Journal, which is owned by NJ Advance Media (, are back in court after a yearlong fight over access to a settlement agreement in a police brutality lawsuit. The Journal is asking for $112,000 in legal fees and that a civil penalty be imposed against the city for its “intentional violation” of New Jersey’s Open Public Records Act.

NJ drivers set a record last year for ‘left lane hog’ tickets

The signs are everywhere: “Keep right except to pass.” But if you’ve ever driven on a highway in New Jersey, you’ve been behind someone who either can’t read or doesn’t care. Now, has the numbers to back up your frustration. New Jersey drivers racked up 50,658 tickets last year for failing to yield the left lane — a new record.

After 16 years, the American Dream mall may open in 2019

We’ve all seen it: the infamous American Dream Mall — the artist formerly known as Xanadu. The sprawling entertainment-complex-to-be has been under various stages of construction and legal jeopardy for the last 16 years. But says construction is actually happening under the current developer, and the American Dream Mall could finally have an opening date in the spring of 2019.

As NJ rents continue to climb, finding an apartment becomes even tougher

Hundreds of thousands of people in New Jersey don’t make enough money to afford an average apartment, reports NJ Spotlight. Rental costs went up by more than 3 percent over the last year, making New Jersey the sixth most-unaffordable place in the country when it comes to renting a two-bedroom apartment. The average two-bedroom rental in New Jersey costs $1,465 a month, which means someone has to make at least $28.17 an hour in order to afford rent.

Muslim teens berated as ‘traitors to the country’

Five Muslim teens were walking to the mall in Jersey City Tuesday afternoon when a man started berating them because of their religion, according to the Jersey Journal. “It’s important … your s****y people should go …,” the man can be heard saying in a video of the encounter. “you are traitors to the country.”

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